Monday, 3 February 2014

Palmdale P-Day

This is a week late, my bad!

James is finally sending pictures of Palmdale. His pictured companion is Elder Stahelli, who is now the Zone Leader and thus, James has a new companion. His new companion is Elder Benitiz, who is from Argentina. We have yet to see a picture of him. 

As for the California forest fires, James says they haven't really hit Palmdale. In one of the above photos, he points out you can see some of the smoke from the fires in the distance. Try to find out which one it is. No seriously, please try to find out, because I have no idea.




  1. Hi Maryn - (I saw your name on another comment) - I wanted to invite your mom to join the California Bakersfield Missionary Moms Facebook group, if she has a Facebook. It's just a place where all us moms gather to support to each other, share stories and photos, etc. We also have some "resident moms" in the group who actually live in the Bakersfield mission and they help us out with info and even things like receiving packages and then dropping them off to our missionaries,etc. I'll include the link at the bottom.

    Also, in looking through the photos from the MTC, the guy with the blue Texas T-shirt on is a friend of ours! Our son has been friends with him for the past 14 years. Small world!

    And to answer your question about which photo you can see the smoke in from the L.A. fires, it's the 5th one. :)

    Thanks for letting your mom know about the Facebook group. And great blog you've got here! :)

    Sister Nine

  2. Oh - forgot to mention, our son is serving in the Bakersfield mission too, since last August 5th! Elder Nine. I don't know if you've seen the videos of the first huge influx of missionaries to arrive in the mission when the mission first opened. They arrived on August 5th. There were 50 missionaries! And many of the members in Bakersfield (over 300+) showed up at the airport to welcome them all. It was great! There were 3 flights to arrive that day, but only 2 of them got the big welcome because the members didn't know about the 3rd flight. Of course, my son was on the 3rd flight, darn it. Thanks for your time and here's a link to my blog where you and your family can see he videos if you wish.