Monday, 2 June 2014

Finally Receiving Some Pictures!

In Palmdale, Elder Sommerfeldt was able to send us the photos that he took (which made this task, of writing the blog, extremely easy). But, since being in Lancaster, you may have noticed the infrequent blog posts. This is because the computer Elder Sommerfeldt can use has rejected his memory card. And so, for his duration in Lancaster, the posts may be infrequent.

We were lucky enough to somehow have him send us a couple photos from his time in Lancaster. These photos are a few weeks old, but I'm sure you will enjoy them nonetheless.

A Discouraged Luchador

This may look like a very confusing picture.

Elder Sommerfeldt, in his previous area (Palmdale) lived in a house with other missionaries. They formed a household wrestling league. James bought a Luchador mask. Since then, he has frequently sent photos of said mask. He calls himself The Blue Canuck.

This week James simply wrote: "This week was uneventful and boring so this [picture] pretty much sums it up. We dropped all our investigators so we went house to house knocking. No luck."

Our family gets the impression that this area is very frustrating for him. They are having a hard time finding investigators - as Spanish Elders - and the one investigator they had, a military man who James thought was really cool, decided to join another church.

All I can think of when Elder Sommerfeldt wears his mask is Nacho Libre. And surprisingly, I found an inspirational quote from that movie.
"If you fight for something noble, or for someone who needs your help, only then will God bless you in battle."

If anyone has words of wisdom or encouragement for Elder Sommerfeldt, I know he would enjoy it.