Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A Guessing Game

Elder Sommerfeldt isn't one to write much in his emails, but he does enjoy bantering back and forth when we happen to be online at the same time. He will create gospel analogies out of pop culture references and then get us all to guess what he is talking about. His game-show side has struck once more! Here is an excerpt from his last email, and you can play along as well:

"I am pretty sure everybody in my district is going crazy including me (just a warning about the 4th week is when mostly everybody goes crazy). Also I got a BoM case for my spanish El Libro de Mormon its made out of leather with the image of 2 persons burned into the leather on either side. And my question for the week is can anybody guess which people they are? (hint: one of them is my most favorite hero in the BoM (this one requires an extra hint he has a very important position) . The other one is very important to our church and is in the bible and BoM) Let the games begin! (I´ll show you pictures next week after the guesses come in)


So, what are your guesses?